A slightly opinionated setup for ReactJS

Live Demo

Fetch fake data!
Navigate to pointless routes!

State Management

redux-entity for domain entity management.
redux-logger for capturing actions


react-router v4 for client-side routing


Tested with Mocha and Chai
Coverage support via nyc
react-addons-test-utils for component testing
redux-mock-store for Redux state testing
Sinon.JS for mocking, stubbing & spying

Build Process

Bundled with webpack 4
Supports ES6 via Babel transpiling


Easily create domain services that implement a generic data service.
Customize the Axios instances that drives the generic data service.


Supports SCSS & SASS syntax
Browser compatibility via autoprefixer and normalize.css
glamorous for CSS-in-JS styling

Develop & Deploy

Environmental configurations for both webpack and redux: